Safer Internet Together

Safer Internet Together

Monday, February 24, 2014

The awarding ceremony at the Niagara Cinema Theatre.

The Media Literacy Week which took place 10.02 - 16.02 is officially over, so as our exhibition. During the whole week visitors could enjoy 23 artworks submitted by 41 child and youngster from 10 to 23 years old from the Tampere region.

The winners were announced and invited to the awarding ceremony at the Niagara Cinema Theatre, our lovely sponsor which kindly allowed us to use its premises and to show videos submitted by our participants and provided by the Finnish Safer Internet Center.

Our team prepared amazing prizes for the winners and recognition gifts to all other participants for all their efforts.

During the exhibition week and the awarding ceremony particularly, we have recevied a lot of positive feedbacks and valuable comments and ideas in our questionnaires on how to help the youth to stay safe online.

Later on we are going to analyze the information and use it in our future brochure which will contain useful tips and information both for children and for adults.
Just follow our updates!

Stay tuned, stay safe,
your Safer Internet Team.

Winners of the posters, comics and video competition.

Last week we finally announced the winners of our posters, comics and video competition! 

In total, 41 child and youngster from 10 to 23 years old took part and shared their vision of the safe Internet. The rivalry has been quite intense, whereas all the participants showed their best in being very creative, artistic and thoughtful. Obviously, it hasn’t been an easy task for the voters to define the the best artworks.
But after thorough counting of all votes we are ready to announce our winners!

The best artworks were defined via the voting process by the visitors of the exhibition in the Niagara Cinema Theatre and by the members of our jury - media expert Reijo Kupiainen and police officer Kimmo Sikanen.

For the Public choice award Facebook users had a chance to vote for the artworks.

Winners of "Online Kids Award" 
(9-15 years old)

Best comics award:

Matias Ylisiurua and Aksa Mäkelä

Best poster award:

Salla Kivipensas

Best video award:

Ronja Airla

Winners of "Online Youngsters Award" 
(16-24 years old)

Best comics award: 

Viktoria Moiseeva

Best poster award:

Viktoria Moiseeva

Public choice award winners

Adele Silinskaite

Nea Takala and Anni Hakala

Heta Hanne

Warmest congratulations to the winners and a lot of thanks to all the participants!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Invitation to Safer Internet Exhibition!

Dear friends!

We are happy to invite you to the Exhibition of the artworks submitted for the Safer Internet Together competition! Exhibition will take place during the Media Literacy Week starting from February 10th until February 16th in Niagara Cinema Theatre (Kehräsaari B-talo, 33200 Tampere)! 

You will find posters and comics during the whole week exhibited next to the entrance to cinema hall. In addition, there will be screenings of videos on Wednesday, February 12th and Friday, February 14th starting at 18.00. 

The Awarding Ceremony will take place on Friday, February 14th after screening of videos at 18:00. Come to get your prize or to congratulate the winners!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Safer Internet Together Project Team goes to schools

Dear friends,

We are happy to remind you that the Competition of posters, videos and comics is on!
Last couple of weeks our team spent visiting schools, colleges and universities in Tampere, Kangasala, Ylöjärvi and Nokia. During these friendly visits we had a chance to talk with kids and youngsters about dangers that they might face online and efficient ways of avoiding them. It was really amazing to hear their vision of safety in the online environment and see that they are truly concerned about this issue. Some of the students shared their experience of being online and even gave very useful tips of how to stay safe on the Web! Soon you will have a chance to see them in the form of poster or a video.

Remember that the competition lasts until February 5, so you still have time to submit your artwork!
Read the detailed instructions on how to participate in the competition in the official rules (lue säännöt suomeksi täältä) and submit your artwork to by February 5, 2014. 

Safer Internet Together Team wishes you good luck and, most importantly, stay safe online!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sarjakuva-, video- ja julistekilpailun julistus!

Hyvät naiset ja herrat!

Täten julkistamme Safer Internet -projektin ydinosuuden:

Sarjakuva-, video- ja julistekilpailun!

Kutsumme lapset ja nuoret kahdesta ikäryhmästä – 9-15 ja 16-24-vuotiaat – osallistumaan “Yhdessä Turvallisempi Internet”-aiheiseen sarjakuva-, video- ja julistekilpailuumme! Ilmaise oma näkemyksesi internetturvallisuudesta ja näytä meille mielipiteesi seuraavien aiheiden joukosta: jokapäiväinen elämä ja Internet; vaarat/mahdollisuudet verkossa; tapoja pysyä turvassa netissä!

Lähetä taideteoksesi helmikuun 5. päivään 2014 mennessä ja ole mukana kisassa näistä pääpalkinnoista:

  • Online Lapset -palkinnon (9-15-vuotiaat) voittajat saavat liput kahdelle Fun Parkiin.  
  • Online Nuoret -palkinnon (16-24-vuotiaat) voittajat saavat 50 euron lahjakortin Anttilaan
Lue tarkemmat ohjeet kilpailuun osallistumisesta virallisista säännöistä ja lähetä teoksesi sähköpostilla osoitteeseen viimeistään 5. helmikuuta 2014.

Kilpailun taideteoksista koostuva näyttely sekä palkintojenjakoseremonia tapahtuvat Mediataitoviikon aikana 10.-16.2. 2014 Arthouse Cinema Niagarassa Kehräsaaressa. Voittajat valitsee asiantuntijaraati. Myös Facebookissa tapahtuvan yleisöäänestyksen voittajat saavat rahanarvoisia palkintoja Safer Internet Together -tiimiltämme! Katso taideteokset ja anna äänesi Facebook-sivuillamme!

Päästä luovutesi valloilleen!
Odotamme taideteostasi!

Kilpailu on tarkoitettu Tampereen, Kangasalan, Nokian, Pirkkalan sekä Ylöjärven nuorille asukkaille.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Announcing the Competition of comics, videos and posters!

Ladies and Gents!

We are happy to announce the core part of the Safer Internet project:

Competition of comics, videos and posters!!!

We invite kids and youngsters of two age groups - 9-15 and 16-24 years old - to participate in the competition of comics, videos and posters covering the topic "Safer Internet Together"! Express your own vision of online safety and show us what you think about the following topics: Everyday life and the Internet; Dangers/opportunities on the Web; Ways to stay safe online!

Send your artwork by February 5, 2014 and get a chance to win one of the prizes in each of the nominations:
  • Winners of "Online Kids Award" (9-15 years old) will receive a ticket to the “Fun Park” for two.
  • Winners of "Online Youngsters Award" (16-24 years old) will receive a gift certificate valued 50 Euros for shopping in Anttila stores. 
Read the detailed instructions on how to participate in the competition in the official rules and submit your artwork to by February 5, 2014.

Exhibition of artworks and the Awarding Ceremony will take place during the Media Literacy Week, February 10-16, 2014 in the Arthouse Cinema Niagara. Winners will be selected by the Expert voting. Winners of the Facebook voting will also get valuable prizes from the Safer Internet Together team! To vote on Facebook and follow the artworks - visit our Facebook page!

Get creative! 
We are waiting for your artworks!

The competition is designed for the residents of Tampere, Kangasala, Nokia, Pirkkala and Ylöjärvi. 

Read the official rules of the competition here.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Useful links and sources

When surfing on the Web, we generally have optimistic expectations and we rarely think of something bad that can happen. And in most cases nothing bad ever happens! But what do you do if it does happen? In this post we have collected some basic info you might find interesting. Have a quick look at the following links to know how exactly they can help you.

In Finland: 

The Finnish Safer Internet Centre is a joint project of three significant partners Finnish Centre for Media Education andAudiovisual Media, Save the Children Finland and Mannerheim League for ChildWelfare. These organizations have the most visible role in Finland in the discussions related to the internet safety, media education and children’s safety related to the digital media.

Several helplines are working for you 24/7:

Nettivihje hotline - Here you can report content of use of the Internet that is suspected to be illegal. The hotline analyses the reported websites and if the content is considered as illegal, it traces where the website appears to be located and then passes the information to the relevant stakeholders in that country for further action. The hotline will also inform the national law enforcement agency, if the website of concern is based in Finland.

Child and Youth Phone helpline. Helpline activities are based on two well-known national general helplines: The Child and Youth Phone and the Parent Phone.

Other sources:

A real Internet bus Netti-Nysse is touring around the streets of Tampere! You can learn basic IT skills free of charge on the bus.

Creating a Better Internet for Kids is one of the priorities of the Digital Agenda for Europe 2020. Check out the strategy and what is being done on the EU level here.

Insafe is the main European network of Awareness Centres promoting safe, responsible use of the Internet and mobile devices to young people. On the Insafe portal you can find a large amount of data on online safety issues. Check it out for handouts, books and other useful data compiled and designed especially for children, parents and teachers. The network is constituted by 30 national Safer Internet Centres. Every national Centre implements awareness and educational campaigns, runs a helpline, and works closely with youth to ensure an evidence-based, multi-stakeholder approach to creating a better internet.  

Basic Internet Safety is a great portal containing different sort of data from general tips on various issues of the Internet use to articles, presentations, handouts, video, and other teaching material.

And, finally, our Project is launched in view of the Safer Internet Day held on 11 February 2014. There is a whole bunch of activities planned on this day.

Stay safe online and follow our updates, something fun is coming soon!!! :D

 Safer Internet Day 2014